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Z's Creatures:

Z's Creatures

The following Creatures were created by Z .
One of Z's norns. 48K.
An Aquatic ettin. 32K.
A black norn. 27K.
A blue ettin. 20K.
Another one of Z's norns. 36K.
A scorpian ettin. 33K.
A scorpian norn. 34K.
A green scorpian norn. 23K.
A green norn. 42K.
A grey norn. 34K
A norn made by Z. 38K.
Another norn made by Z. 21K.
A pastel green norn. 35K.
A purple norn. 23K.

A red norn. 32K.
Holy Cow, Batman! It's another norn! 52K.
A norn. 38K.
A Cool norn. 23K.
A Clawed norn. 32K.
This one was pretty cool. Very entertaining, and worth the download. 34K.
Add some wierd, yet kewl, norns to your Albia.
A norn

Use this injector to install sh*t into your Albia.
Genetic files and a exp file of Phoenix.
A program for displaying Creatures 2 image files in the .s16 format.