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All Norns are for Creatures 2, unless otherwise stated.
This little lady has 13 lobes, and is an 11th generation Norn. 43.2k (Courtesy of
These little creatures are different than normal Norns, these have gills and live under water. These creatures also live their entire life under water. 21.4k (Courtesy of The Palace of the Evil Shee).
These are also an aquatic Norns, however, they start off living on land and then grow to live underwater. 2.5MB (Courtesy of The Palace of the Evil Shee).
Allyn is a 4th generation Norn, and she has 36 lobes. 91.5k (Courtesy of Creature Valley).
Charlie is a fertile, 36 lobed, 4th generation Norn, but is also Immortal. 93.5k (Courtesy of Creature Valley).
Phoenix is a CREATURES 1 Norn. He has 36 brain lobes and has the Highlander gene. 113.4k (Courtesy of The Norn Adoption Clinic).
Maeve is a CREATURES 1 Norn. She has 38 brain lobes and enjoys constant attention. 96.9k (Courtesy of The Norn Adoption Clinic).
Doc is one of my CREATURES 1 hatchery Norns. He's just a normal Norn, (at least, to my knowledge), but can be very observant. He is also smart enough to carry around a pot of honey, and eat some by himself. 40.3K (By Matt).

Green Snow
This is a very impressive type of Norn. This Norn is past the 30th generation mark, and is rather interesting. He also has some mixed genes, which some may wish to add to their gene pool. 43.0k (From Z ).
This Norn is similar to the Green snow Norn, but is purple. 23.8k (From Z ).
Robin is one of Z's scorpian Norns. 53.4k (From Z ).